War Of The Worlds First Screens

1 September, 2011 - 9:53 pm by

Other Ocean are keen to show off their take of the popular H.G Wells phenomenon War Of The Worlds. What they are keen to show off is that this is not just a retelling of the recent Spielberg film – oh no, Tom Cruise will not be running from aliens for 2 hours. This will add more depth and be a more unique take on the original book.

This 2D platform game puts Arthur Clarke in the heart of London as the beings come from space in order to wipe out the human race. He must run, jump and explore the landscapes to escape the evil alien forces in an effort to survive.

There is also a short trailer which brings to the plate one Sir Patrick Stewart as the game’s narrator. This also shows how the game will play, involving what seems like alot of rolling and well timed jumps to avoid being vaporised. The screen shots show off the early levels – Paddington Station and Hyde Park the only ones confirmed so far.The Martian ships can also be seen and they look as good as they did in the original movie and stage show!

War Of The Worlds will appear Tom Cruise-less on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network at the end of 2011.