Wii Fit U

7 June, 2012 - 6:47 pm by

Wii Fit U was shown as part of Nintendo’s E3 demo last year, showing that the controller and Wii Board can be used without a TV for people to work out anytime and not sacrifice anyone else’s telly-visual enjoyment. Now it has formally been announced by the Big N…

What the demo previously showed is still current, however now we know that there is more too it. Yes the controller can be used without a TV but only to do minimal work out routines and to check weight, bmi and calories.

Also a pedometer can be used to send information directly to the Gamepad to load information for real world workouts. This gives players a more robust and accurate workout routine and can measure calorie loss better than in previous versions.

More information will be coming in the next few months as it aims to be another Wii U launch title.