Wii U controller leaked…

21 May, 2012 - 9:47 pm by

Leaks, they happen all the time. Some are worse than others and if this one is true, it’s showing a pretty large leak that Nintendo will not be happy about. It would appear, that there’s the possibility of a redesigned Wii U controller and LEGO developer, TT Games revealed it on Twitter… naturally.

What’s even more natural is that the Tweet has now been deleted so it’s next to impossible to verify this news and even more impossible to not treat the news with anything put a pinch of salt.

The leaked design

The current confirmed design

Doesn’t stop us from being interested though. It looks like the controller has had a fair change, with the control sticks being adjusted, the Wii U logo being moved and some buttons along the bottom being adjusted.

The truth? No one knows, but we’ll soon find out.