Wii U – New Nintendo Console Announced

8 June, 2011 - 12:00 am by

Nintendo today announced that they will be releasing a brand new system in 2012, finally putting all of the rumours to rest that have been circulating the internet for months. The new “NES HD” as VGN has affectionately been calling it has been named as the Wii U and a lot of the speculation and interest has been around the controller, rather than the specifications of the actual system itself.

The Wii U will take Nintendo gaming to an entirely new level, as the Wii U controller is actually a tablet stuffed full of buttons, a camera and a 6.2″ screen that will allow players to wirelessly stream their full screen games onto their controller rather than playing it on the TV. This now means that should the player require a toilet break, they just need to take the controller with them and play on the loo!

Little else is currently known about the system, aside from the fact that it looks like a Wii and has great potential. It’s also got a lot of third party support, with EA announcing live on stage that they will be backing the Wii U with a ton of third party content, from Batman through to Battlefield.

See some screenshots below: