WiiU to support two Gamepads and 5 hour battery

7 June, 2012 - 9:39 pm by

Nintendo have confirmed that the WiiU console will eventually support two gamepad controllers. For launch however, the console will only support one. A software update will be made available at a later date to rectify this. The reason behind this is that Nintendo want players and developers to get used to the Gamepad before opening it up to two.

More likely is that Nintendo can cut software development time so they can make the Winter launch date they have set for the console. It is still nice knowing that two can be used later down the line. As well as the gamepad, the console will support up to four Wii Remotes and their accessories or four controller pros or any combination of the two can be used at the same time.

The gamepad is also said to have a battery life of 5 hours, which is relatively low compared to say the PlayStation 3 control pad, however with the additional screen and the fact it connects to the console via a form of Wifi and not bluetooth increased battery consumption is too be expected. You can also charge the controller while playing.

The WiiU and its controller will come in either black or white colours at its launch.