New Devil May Cry Trailer Showcases “Sexual Deviant” Dante

10 April, 2012 - 10:04 pm by

In Devil May Cry’s brand-spanking new trailer, Dante has a new look – whether die-hard fans of the series will like it, will soon be seen… Capcom released the new trailer for the Devil May Cry reboot that showcases a naked Dante waking up and flying through his home with a carefully positioned baseball bat and fish hiding his modesty.

In the opening shots, Dante is proclaimed a ‘sexual deviant’ and ‘terrorist’ by a newscaster. Even if Dante’s new look is a bit dodgy, the story looks set to be exciting with giant demons afoot (see later screenshots).

When Dante eventually puts on some clothes, he enters the combat sequence. Devil May Cry is developed by Ninja Theory (Heavenly Sword, Enslaved) and is expected to be released this year, but no official release date has been given yet.