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Xbox Live Phishing Problems

It would seem that all of the online services are suffering problems at the moment. With Sony being sued and facing huge fines from governments over the PlayStation Network crisis, Microsoft today confirmed that they are facing problems with fishing in messages for users whilst playing online games. Read On »

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Sony Face £500k Fine and US Senator Over PSN Hacking AND Sued – Update

The prolonged difficulties with Sony’s PlayStation Network has been headline news across the world and all forms of media over the past week. However, their woes are currently set to increase on both sides of the Atlantic. In the UK, if they have held any customer data in any dataservers in Great Britain. Sony have made clear that they are outside of blame or litigation should any problems occur with the PSN, which is outlined in their Terms and Conditions. This clause may not be enough to cover them from a hefty £500k fine. Read On »

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Plants vs Zombie DS Release Screenshots and Artwork

Mastersonic Group today released some more screenshots of their up and coming, Plants vs Zombies DS title, which is due out on the 6th May on the Nintendo DS. In Plants vs. Zombies a mob of brain-hungry zombies is unleashed on your home and your only defence is an arsenal of zombie-zapping plants. Use peashooters, wall-nuts, cherry bombs and more to destroy zombies before they reach your front door. Read On »

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GAME Announces Store Closures After Profits Slump

Game has announced that it will be closing approximately 89 stores between now and Christmas 2013 to reduce to number of stores to 550. The GAME group chief executive Ian Shepherd said that this includes 15 that had already been closed since the start of 2011.

Throughout the last year GAME’s UK & Ireland store count decreased by 38 to 639 outlets. This comes after GAME  released figures stating that turnover fell from £1.772bn to £1.625bn, with overall sales falling 8.3 per cent year-on-year. UK & Ireland sales fell by 12.8 per cent and even online dropped by two per cent. Like-for-like UK sales dropped 9.8 per cent and overall sales by 6.7 per cent.

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F.E.A.R 3 Story Arc Trailer

Warner Bros have released the trailer detailing F.E.A.R 3’s main story mode. The Supernatural First Person Shooter will see players take on the role as Alma’s Sons – Point Man and Paxton Fettel. The game will heavily feature on co-operative play as both characters have different abilities. Point Man is the human controlling the fire power where as the deceased Paxton uses telekinetic powers to help his brother.

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Risen 2: Dark Waters Images

Deep Silver & Piranha Bytes have released screenshots of the moody, pirate based tropical adventure: Risen 2 Dark Waters, which is coming this year to Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3. The game will feature an open world experience with a completely redesigned magic system and high resolution graphics. In Risen 2 all of the player’s choices have an effect on relationships, skills and even the potential of changing quests set in the game.

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New Thor: God of Thunder Trailer

SEGA Europe have released a a trailer for the movie-game tie in THOR: God of Thunder this morning. Based on the Marvel movie of the popular comics which hits theaters today. The game it’s self will be available from Friday on all possible formats. What’s more, the game will be playable in full stereoscopic 3-D on the PlayStation 3.

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Ridge Racer Unbounded Teaser Trailer

Namco-Bandai have released a very attractive looking trailer for the next game in the Ridge Racer series. Unbounded brings together all the style and finesse people expect from the Ridge Racer title but instead of being confounded to just the track, this title takes players to the next level – to Drive, Destroy, Dominate.

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Sony Unveils TWO PlayStation Tablets

Sony have today unveiled not one but TWO tablets to rival the iPad. They will both have the PlayStation name and run the Android operating system much like the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play phone. The first tablet – the Sony S1 will have a 9.4 inch touchscreen and will be the original tablet format.

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Hollywood Files Deadly Intrigues Announced for the DS

Easy Interactive today announced that their latest videogame will hit the Nintendo DS on the 1st June 2011. Hollywood Files Deadly Intrigues is a DS game that’s full of mini-games with a storyline and a hidden objective. This detective game follows the protagonist, Zoey, a private investigator and the owner of a healthy detective agency in Hollywood. A famous actor, Pete, dies in a freak car accident and it’s our very own Zoey’s job to check if there are any mysteries behind this man’s death. Read On »

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