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3D Specs At The Ready For House Of The Dead

After recently turning over a ban preventing the release of the title, SEGA have released 3D pictures to promote the use of 3D in The House Of The Dead: Overkill – Extended Cut. The outrageous on-the-rails zombie blaster is an extended, high definition version of the popular Wii title – coming to PlayStation 3. Not only will the game have improved graphics, the game makes use of the PlayStation Move and gives 1:1 precision aiming. Read On »

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The King of Fighters XIII Dated for the PS3 and Xbox 360

The UK experts in Japanese games, Rising Star Games today announced that the XIII instalment of the multi-award winning franchise, The King of Fighters, will be released in the UK on the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. The King of Fighters XIII will be available just in time for Christmas too, with a late November release date.

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Syndicate Announced for PS3 and Xbox 360 by EA

Technology, it’s everywhere you go. From your toilet, to your kitchen, to the car. Literally, the world around you is full of tech and without it, many things that we take for granted today wouldn’t exist and we’d barely be able to move on. Even basic map reading skills are dying with the advent of smartphone enabled GPS systems. Yet, this tech could be bad and go wrong – this is the premise of the latest game announced by EA today – Syndicate.

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Zombie Driver HD Announced

It had today been announced that the PC hit, Zombie Driver will be speeding it’s way across to the home console world, by the means of the Xbox Live Arcade. This makes it the first time that this game has made it’s way from the PC to the home console and it will be trying to take the world by it’s zombie storm.

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Team 17 Release Trailer For Worms: Ultimate Mayhem

Team 17 have been at this game for years. Boggy B and company are back from playing golf and have come all guns blazing for Worms: Ultimate Mayhem. This time, they are bringing more insane, comical and down right hilarious and over the top action are back to stay. Set in a 3D world, full of slaps, cows, aliens and hammers will see those cheeky worms smack talk their way to victory once again. Read On »

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Joker & Harley In Latest Video To Leak From Arkham City

The Joker and Harley Quinn have been shown to the masses if you were lucky enough to participate in either GAMEfest or Eurogamer over the last couple of weeks. For those who have missed it, Warner Brothers have further teased the story for Batman: Arkham City by releasing a brand new video. Read On »

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Creation Screens Revealed for WWE 12

Customising your characters is something that has been around for many years, but with the likes of Little Big Planet taking it to a whole new level, THQ are keen to show off some of the creation techniques that will be available in WWE 12. Whilst being able to change your size, colour and general look and feel have been around for years, it looks like this year’s WWE will be taking it to a new level of accuracy.

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Improve Your Gaming with Your Laundry

No, it’s true. The original thinker and  design student Lee Wei Chen of Kingston University, has come up with the fantastic idea of turning the every day chore of washing dirty clothes by combining an arcade machine with a washing machine.  Read On »

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Latest Wii Bundle To Feature Black Wii Board

Nintendo have begun the wind down to the seminal Nintendo Wii by peddling every last option to tide the company over until next year when Wii U hits the shelves (fingers crossed). In the latest bundle announced by the company we shall have a Black Nintendo Wii balance board, Wii Fit plus AND to top it off, Wii Sports. Read On »

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Nintendo Owns

Well, it would seem obvious they would right? But Nintendo have only just won the rights to the domain name after a legal battle. Read On »

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