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Archive for December 2011

Sonic 4 Episode 2 teaser trailer released and WiiWare news

31 December, 2011 by

Our blue Hero has had a fairly eventful 2011, turning 20, appearing in various re-releases such as Sonic CD and for the first time, meeting his past and future self at the same time in Sonic Generations. Just when everyone thought that SEGA had forgotten about Sonic 4 Episode 2, they announce to the world that it’s due out very soon. Not forgetting the lovely new teaser trailer either.

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The Vita stats are in.

22 December, 2011 by

The PlayStation Vita – Sony’s second entry into the handheld market launched in Japan last weekend, and the sales figures are in for the opening weekend. 321,000 units were shifted on the first two days of being on the shelves. A colossal amount when compared to the number of units it moved with the PSP (130,000 in the first week). However, not all is smooth sailing for the Vita… Read On

Devil May Cry HD Collection Landing April

21 December, 2011 by

As well as the the trailer for Dante’s latest adventure, CAPCOM have also confirmed that the half devil, half human will have his first three adventures released in shiny HD quality in Devil May Cry HD Collection this April. Read On

Tekken 3D Dated

21 December, 2011 by

Namco-Bandai have today confirmed that the super popular fighter will appear on the Nintnedo 3DS early into 2012. Tekken 3D: Prime Edition has a confirmed European release date of 17th February. The publication of this title will be happened to the Big N themselves. After entering a new distribution agreement in Europe and Australia, it will be interesting to see how well Nintendo market the game to attract fans to the handheld. Read On

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Exclusive content on way to Xbox

21 December, 2011 by

Square-Enix and Microsoft have jointly announced today that exclusive downloadable content for Final Fantasy XIII-2 will appear on the Xbox 360 when the game launches 3rd February 2012. The content announced takes the form of a weapon called “Azrael”and can only be used by Serah. Head inside for the low down of this exclusive item. Read On

New DmC trailer goes live, but shhh. It’s a Secret

21 December, 2011 by

CAPCOM are building the anticipation for the latest in the Devil May Cry series with this latest trailer. In game footage of DmC shows the generic bad guy Dante will be fighting through out the game but also shows off the graphics very nicely. Obviously with this footage still being in development, CAPCOM warn us it could change but even so, it wouldn’t change that much, surely? Read On

Sony Sued for Not Allowing us to Sue

21 December, 2011 by

Sony have been taken to court for not allowing users to sue them if the PlayStation Network is compromised again in the future. The argument has stemmed from what users experienced earlier in the year when the Network went down for two months. This is known as a Class Action Lawsuit and has been filed in the USA. Read On

Anyone for Darts?

17 December, 2011 by

Syndicate is the next first person shooting game from EA, the people who brought us Battlefield. In this futuristic title the aim is simple, eliminate other Syndicates and control the world. As everyone is wired into the internet, manipulation of digital data can happen in the physical environment. The latest trailer shows us exactly what Agents of the Syndicates can do. Read On

New I am Alive Trailer Released

17 December, 2011 by

The upcoming Ubisoft developed action-adventure I Am Alive┬áhas been given another trailer. Created by the same team that made Splinter Cell: Conviction, the game takes place in a fictional American city called Haventon, a year after The Event. This is predictably a worldwide cataclysmic event that has wiped out the majority of the human race but the main protagonist sets out to find both wife and daughter. The world is left in ruins, as can be seen in the trailer, and is barely inhabitable – the ground is covered by a toxic ash cloud. The title seeks to enhance gamer’s insecurity within the decaying landscape and present challenges by surviving in this hazardous world despite humanity’s last remains. Read On

Metal Gear Rising: Revengence is coming…

16 December, 2011 by

Konami have lifted the lid on the long awaited follow up to Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. Metal Gear Rising: Revengence was announced way back in 2008 and little has been said about the game, that is until now. This time, Konami are implementing a lot of changes to the project. In this Metal Gear game the development will be handled by Platinum Games, who have created some of the finest games such as Madworld, Bayonetta and the up and coming Anarchy Reigns. Read On