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Archive for January 2012

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Launch Trailer Released

31 January, 2012 by

Friday hails the release of the much anticipated Final Fantasy XIII-2. After posting a game-play trailer last week to whet your appetite, Square Enix have now released a launch trailer to keep you gagging. Read On

Miyamoto Realises The Need for A New Nintendo Hit

31 January, 2012 by

Development legend and current Nintendo senior MD Shigeru Miyamoto has said that finding a new, big-hitting IP is the “solution” to Nintendo’s current financial troubles. Read On

Japanese Hearing Impaired Students Helped by DSi

31 January, 2012 by

A scheme, still in its early stages, in a school in Japan has hoped that the low-cost Nintendo DSi, which contains both a microphone and a camera, will soon become a classroom staple. The devices are being used to store lesson notes and offer interactive learning experiences for those who are hard of hearing. Read On

UK Charts – 2012 – Week 4

30 January, 2012 by

Another week in the year and another week of dominance for FIFA 12 but there has been some moving and shaking across the charts. Only one new entry has made it into the charts – a first for 2012, but where did Resident Evil: Revelations come in on the list? Read on to find out. Read On

Mario Party 9 latest information

30 January, 2012 by

Nintendo has lifted the lid on their latest party and it appears that Mario Party 9 will stretch out the Wii’s lifespan for a few more months until the Wii U smashes its way onto shelves. This time, there are a number of changes coming to the latest instalment. So put your beers in the fridge, popcorn in the microwave and dont forget the buffet. Read On

Insomniac No Longer Working on Resistance Series

27 January, 2012 by

Insomniac, the developer that created the PS3 title Resistance 1-3, will no longer be working on the series of games. A video was made to explain the decision:

“Some of you may have seen the headlines we inadvertently made through an interview I did, where I confirmed that we are not making any more Resistance games,” Insomniac pronounced. “Now this is not the first time that those of us at Insomniac have said this, but today it was big news.”

“So I did want to confirm it, face to face, that we are not moving on with the Resistance franchise.” Read On

Nintendo announces New 2D Mario Game for 3DS

27 January, 2012 by

Nintendo has announced a new side-scrolling Mario game for 3DS. Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata described it as a “totally new side-scrolling action Super Mario in 2D”. It will be a “key title” for the Nintendo 3DS, and launches in the next fiscal year – at some point after March 2012 and before April 2013. Read On

Nintendo Confirms Nintendo Network

27 January, 2012 by

Nintendo has finally confirmed its plans for the Nintendo Network, a formal, branded service for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. Outlining the concept in brief during an investor’s program, company president Satoru Iwata, confirmed the online infrastructure is already in place for the service. Read On

Wii U Controller has new Communication Functionality

27 January, 2012 by

Nintendo’s touch screen controller for the Wii U is now becoming a more powerful tool for communication. During the latest investor conference for the company, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata confirmed “NFC functionality” would be featured in the tablet device. Read On

Fancy Yourself As Obi Wan?

26 January, 2012 by

Microsoft will show you what you’ll look like and curtsy of the voice of Vader himself – James Earl Jones and LucasArts this latest trailer shows the feeling of the Force when Kinect Star Wars launches on Xbox 360. Despite not showing any of the game what so ever, this is more like a TV advert than a game trailer. But head inside to see why you’ll be wanting this game. Read On