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New Game of Thrones screenshots

Thrones, they are funny things. They are warred over, written about, dramatised about and so much more. Yet, today it’s not just about Thrones, but it’s a game. Today Game of Thrones RPG released a number of new screenshots.

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New SNES game in 2013

Gamers aren’t all in their early teens, many of them are now in their 30s and remember the days of the NES, SNES and Mega Drive with glee and a sad glint in their eye. After all, games today aren’t as good as games of that generation. Although Ocarina of Time alone could break that statement. Either way, classic gaming is a bit in vogue at the moment and whilst they’ve been doing it for ages, the Super Fighter Team have now started accepting preorders on a new SNES game.

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Jet Set Radio back at ya!

The Dreamcast, it brings back so many happy memories for so many gamers. Some people remember queueing outside Dixons, others remember seeing it on the news. What even more people remember is the random and weird games that the Dreamcast brought out. Games that were well ahead of it’s day and will probably still be ahead of it’s time even today – with the likes of Space Channel 5 Part 2 and the latest game that’s due for re-release on the Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.

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FIFA Street demo now available

Football, unless you go to the US, you can’t see to escape its every growing grasp on the world. Heck, even in the US it’s growing in popularity so soon no where will be safe. Apart from the moon. The influence is so strong that today EA Sports announced that a demo of their up and coming title, FIFA Street is now available.

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Worldwide Vita sales released

Although the world feels like it’s crashing and cruise ships are either on fire or being refused entry to Argentina, Sony are happy. Super happy. They today release the total number of units actually sold, not shipped, worldwide today and the numbers are impressive. Very impressive.

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Sniper Elite V2 preorder goodies

Limited edition things are awesome, bonus things are just as awesome. So a limited edition bonus for pre-ordering a game? Well, it mixes two types of great into one happy cocktail. With a side order of videogame. Well, that is if your cocktail is a sniper rifle and your side order is a Nazi fascist.

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10 Anniversary Edition Xbox 360 leaked by

Any gamer around in the wait for Twilight Princess will attest that online “leaks” are often worth about as much as another well known action for the word. Yet, it would appear that in recent years they’ve gotten a little more reliable and today the French edition of the popular online retailer, Amazon, outed a yet unannounced anniversary edition of the Xbox 360. Their decade old edition. Which, if correct, takes the number of editions available for the Xbox 360 to more than it’s age.

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Etrian Odyssey IV details emerge

Etrian Odyssey II or III never made its way to the shores of good ol’ Blighty, unfortunately. Probably due to the fact that the first instalment of the series was picked up by Nintendo, who don’t like to take risks on games and there are few games riskier than the Etrian Odyssey series. Today the Japanese developers released a bit more information on the third part of the series and it’s already confirmed that US publisher Atlus USA will release this stateside. So you might be able to import a copy.

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Mass Effect 3 “up” against Mass Effect 2

The Mass Effect 3 campaign train seems to have not only left the station, but turned into a space-age helicopter type machine and taken copies of the much awaited game into space to drop on gamers heads. Coupled with what EA have today said about pre-order sales, it makes one wonder if people are cash strapped and redundant at all. Or are gamers gaming rather than eating?

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“Nintendo in disarray” – Pachter defends remarks

If you Google “Michael Pachter”, you’ll find his name littered across dozens of high and low brow websites and alongside his name is invariably a comment regarding Nintendo. He’s predicted, inaccurately, for an extensive period of time that Nintendo is failing. Whilst he is correct that Nintendo did this year make the biggest operating loss of it’s history, he today defended his claim that “Nintendo is in disarray”.

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