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Sonic & All Star Racing Transformed announced

SEGA have announced a sequel to the 2010 Sonic & SEGA All Star Racing, dropping the SEGA from the title, Sonic and friends are back and this time there is one big difference. This time as you race around the track the cars transform themselves accordingly be it aircraft or boat.

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God Of War Ascension details

Sony have announced that the latest in the God of War series. As we know, not only is Ascension a prequel to the main trilogy but will have a multiplayer mode. Up to eight players can compete on online Greek gods – Zeus, Ares, Poseidon or Hades and earn their approval to unlock new customisation options.

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Dishonored picks up pace

Since Skyrim has come and gone, Bethesda Softworks are busy beavering away at their latest, Steampunk inspired first person action game – Dishonored. While the U is missing from the title and is punishable by moaning, they have released 6 brand new screenshots and a few extra details to boot.

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New 3DS in the USA

New things are awesome, everyone likes new things and what Nintendo like to do is release more and more new things to the world on pretty much a quarterly basis. Today Nintendo have announced to celebrate the launch of Mario Tennis Open, in the USA there’s a few new colours being released for the Nintendo 3DS.

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UK Charts – Week 17

“Monday is my favourite time of year” or so the song goes. With that in mind the charts for this week’s sales of video games in the United Kingdom. As with last week, we are treated to another number one not published by Electronic Arts.

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Nintendo downloadable content this week

Whilst Nintendo are now openly supporting the downloadable content word, this week’s update of the Nintendo eShop is pretty slim. Slimmer than usual in fact. There’s only three games and one of those is on the Nintendo Wii.

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Leaked Call of Duty: Blacks Ops 2 Release Date

To no-one’s surprise the next Call of Duty title has been leaked as Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Not only that but it gets a release date too!

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Timesplitters 4 not in Development

Crytek have announced that Timesplitters 4 will not be in development.

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Skyrim Patch hints at DLC Content

Skyrim’s new patch contains DLC that will contain Snow Elves, crossbows and new vampires.

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Leaked Rayman Legends Trailer Reveals Wii U Secrets

Rayman Legends has been leaked online via a trailer that also shows the functionality of the upcoming Wii U. It highlights the console’s graphics, touch-screen tablet and Near Field Communication capabilities.

Edit: Trailer inside

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