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DmC release date confirmed

The reboot of the Devil May Cry series known simply as DmC has been given an official release date for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles by Capcom and developer Ninja Theory.

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Wii U controller leaked…

Leaks, they happen all the time. Some are worse than others and if this one is true, it’s showing a pretty large leak that Nintendo will not be happy about. It would appear, that there’s the possibility of a redesigned Wii U controller and LEGO developer, TT Games revealed it on Twitter… naturally.

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Carmageddon: Reincarnation creator speaks at Rezzed Game Show

Carmageddon, it’s a legendary series of games and one that I only know for a single title – Carmageddon 64. Which is arguably one of the poorest games on the Nintendo 64. Whilst the original title on the PC may have been passable – I can’t comment, the port was brought to us by the same people who made Superman 64. THe creator will shortly be talking about the Carmageddon experience and his attempts to get community funding for a new game in Brighton.

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Earthbound fanhacker makes the game more mental

The Mother series, or known as Earthbound in the West, is a series that has an almost fanatical following. But unlike many fanatical followers, the people behind the communities that make Earthbound online such a joy to be are talented, articulate and interesting people. Recently, one of the translators of the fan-translated Mother 3 has released a patch to make Earthbound on the SNES even more interesting.

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Metro Last Light live action trailer announced

THQ are a company that aren’t afraid to venture into the unknown mist and have a reach around. Sometimes upon retraction their arm is covered in green slimey goo, such as their TV film venture with Sci-Fi and othertimes they come back with a bouquet of flowers. Enter the Metro, a short live action film, is the latest venture outside of the gaming world and it’s your call as to what they’ve found.

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UK Charts Week 19

Another week, another set of sales stats. At least these stats don’t have graphs, pie charts and all sorts of other nasty math information that makes most people weep with fear. Personally, I like a good graph with year on year differential, but that’s just me.

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Two titles left in the Cave…

Unless you’ve been living in a Cave, it’s hard to not know about the success the Japanese based developer, Cave, have had with shooter games. We’ve reviewed one and have one on the way already! However, the global success of the company’s games haven’t helped their finances unfortunately and they’ve had to cancel two games.

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Devil’s Third dumped, South Park delayed and a possible onslaught of DLC

It’s not easy “out there”, Greece failing, half of Europe falling apart and the world money market just not really existing anymore. Almost everyone is feeling some sort of pain and game developers and publishers are no different than the rest of us. This is one of the reasons why THQ have had to delay and drop games.

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Toyota and DS team up…

The Nintendo DS is still huge in Japan, in fact, it’s still pretty huge everywhere and as such companies are still interested in developing for it. This is a bit of a strange development, but a car manufacturer have managed to make a little addon that makes the Nintendo DS work with the car’s in built navigation system.

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Behind the scenes with a Mouse

Once upon a time he was the most recognised character in the world, he had theme parks created for him and in the 90s had some of the best games on the Megadrive made by him. These days, Mickey Mouse has been forgotten by all these new fangled cartoons but this hasn’t stopped Disney from creating a sequel to Epic Mickey, Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two and a behind the scenes trailer has been released.

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