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Nike + Kinect video

Nike + Kinect Training was announced during Microsoft’s E3 conference but since then all has been quiet on the fitness front. That is until today when a new extended video of the E3 trailer has been released. Nike has partnered up with Microsoft to bring a new spin on the fitness game. This will solely use the Kinect sensor to provide a personalised training programme to suit each users specific needs.

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FULL UK Charts Week 30

This Monday we thought it would spice the charts up a little and bring you the full top 40 from the kind folks over at UKIE. With the Olympic games in full swing at the capital and the weather finally acting like it should could we see a new number one or will the Dark Knight and friends fend off the hype of the games?

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Dishonored UK preorder bonuses and new video

Dishonored is the hotly anticipated steam punk inspired video game from Bethesda studios, the team that brought us last years Skyrim. The game will be launching in October and details have emerged of what goodies gamers will be rewarded with if they preorder the game and depending on which retailer you decided to give your hard earned money to will depend on what you get.

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New Madden 13 images

With American Football getting more popular over in the UK each and every year, EA are continuously helping to raise the profile of the NFL with each release of Madden. Madden 13 improves on last year’s version in a number of ways. As well as up to date rosters, the AI has been tweaked to only react to a ball if they are looking at it and Kinect has been added for coaching, menu and play commands.

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Nintendo is being carried by the 3DS

Nintendo have announced their first quarter results for the 2012-13 financial year (April, May & June) and while they are slightly better than last year they are still running at a loss. With sales of the Nintendo DS slowing and the Wii all but non-existant it is left up to the 3DS to make money for the company while they gear up for a big release of the Wii U.

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More industry cuts

Game developers have unfortunately laid off in Microsoft’s Vancouver studios they announced. They haven’t fully disclosed the numbers but insist that the studio is still open for business. Two titles that were in development by the Canadian studio are said to have been cancelled.

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PES 2013 demo live

A demo has been made available for Konami’s rival to Fifa. Pro Evolution Soccer, or Pro Evo or even PES has been released for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and this time they are hoping to get the jump on EA as their campaign starts early.

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ToeJam And Earl to release on the PSN

1991 Mega Drive hit ToeJam & Earl and its sequel – Panic on Funkotron will be released on the PlayStation Network as part of Sega’s Vintage Collection, which already has the Jet Set Radio and Gunstar Heroes. ToeJam & Earl are already available on the virtual console on the Nintendo Wii, however with Sony’s rules stating that every game must have trophies these will be added to the PSN version.

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PlayStation Network Maintenance

The PlayStation Network will be down tonight from 16.00 BST until tomorrow morning Sony have advised. This means the Store, trophy updates and account information will be unavailable during this time. If you sign in before maintenance starts you will be able to play online multiplayer games without disruption.

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Resident Evil 6 Preorder Bonus

Preorder any of the latest editions of Resident Evil 6 from Capcom and you would be the proud owner of a brand new Umbrella branded umbrella. Whilst staving off the rain you can also show your support (or obedience) to the criminals behind the outbreak of Raccoon City.

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