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Skyrim DLC 2 named and dated

Bethesda Studios have announced that in September players of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will be able to get their hands on the latest content add on for the game. The name of the add on is called Hearthfire and will only be available initially for the Xbox 360.

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PSOne classics now available on the Vita

If you sign on to your PlayStation Vita a software version will be available. This update will give improved functionalities while using the map and browser applications, you will also be able to use the buttons to navigate the home menu of the console. But more specifically Sony will allow players to finally be able to play PlayStation One classics.

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UK Charts – Week 34

The last bank holiday until Christmas has come and gone. With a shorter working week for many (and including those lucky people at UKIE), the UK video game charts for the week ending 26th are finally here. This week’s releases included THQ hotly anticipated follow up Darksiders II and Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. But the question on everybody’s lips are, where did they chart? Well, read on and find out…

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Grand Theft Auto V screenshots

Rockstar have released new images for Grand Theft Auto V today and it is shaping up to be a big seller. Well when it finally gets a release date. From the three new images, the developers show that new features will be added to the game. Players will be able to relax from the life of crime by partaking in new activities to the series.

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Wii U New York conference announced

Nintendo have announced a press event for the Nintendo Wii U in New York next month. On 13th September, members of the press will sit down to a presentation lead by Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo America’s head honcho to announce details of the next generation Nintendo console. The official statement from the company is “more about how the Wii U will change the future of gaming and entertainment”

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Sony Liverpool Studios closes today

Sad news in the world of video games today as Sony have announced they are to close their Liverpool based studio. This was the base for the popular and spectacular futuristic racing game WipEout. Before it was bought by Sony, the studio traded as Psygnosis from 1984 until 2003 and produced other titles such as Lemmings, Destruction Derby and even the Discworld games.

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007 Legends Trailer

007 is the longest running movie franchise of all time. Something magical has inspired movie goers for 50 years and it is still going strong. To celebrate, Activision – holders of the Bond video game license have decided to create something special. 007 Legends puts players as Bond as he plays through iconic levels from the movies.

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Tank! Tank! Tank! Screenshots and new video

While the Wii U itself didn’t make an appearance at GamesCom this year, it didn’t stop Namco Bandai showing off their insane blow em up game Tank! Tank! Tank! Featuring, not surprisingly, a lot of tanks, players go on a frantic mission to destroy various monsters and friends. Photos taken by the Wii U gamepad of players will be assigned to tanks for up to 5 players. A combination of Wii Remotes and Pro Controllers can be used.

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Tekken Tag Tournament 2 information

The build up to Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii U continues with not one but two trailers. The game will have the largest rosta of fighters seen in the Tekken series and will draw fighters from all over the series and will feature music from Snoop Dog Lion as well as a stage devoted to him.

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UK Charts Week 33

New Super Mario Bros 2 and Sleeping Dogs fight it out this week for the top 2 spots as Olympic fever starts to trail off. But will it be the Mario magic that takes it or the Hong Kong mafia? And how did Brave The Video Game do with the release of the movie it is based upon? Find out inside…

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