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Rayman Legends will miss Wii U Launch

Ubisoft today have announced that the limbless wonder that is Rayman will miss the 30th November launch date for the Wii U. It instead will be released at the rather vague date of “first quarter 2013.” While this is bad news for day one buyers, the game will still appear in Nintendo’s “Launch Window” which means any point up to the end of March 2013.

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Angry Birds and Star Wars meet

Angry Birds developer Rovio and George Lucas have teamed up to present a new Android/iOS game plus a range of new toys based on the Star Wars series. A teaser trailer was released on the official Angry Birds Tumblr page. The range will launch on 9th November and will include existing characters such as the Red bird as Luke Skywalker and the Yellow Bird as Han Solo.

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UK Charts Week 40

As another Monday draws to a close, we bring all of our readers the top 40 of video games sold in the UK for the last 7 days. Cast your mind back one week, FIFA 13 was top of the charts but with the release of Resident Evil 6, could CAPCOM knock the king of football from the numero uno place? Well click on to find out.

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Fans maybe unhappy with the new look of arguably one of the coolest looking video game characters of the last 10 or so years, but with a recent hands-on of DmC, VGamingNews isn’t writing off Capcom and Dante just yet. After all, you don’t judge a book by its cover, so why should you judge a game on what the main character looks like?

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New Little King’s Story launch trailer released

Despite Sony’s aggressive marketing campaign for the PlayStation Vita, it still appears to be doing fairly poorly. This, as history shows, is not uncommon when faced against Nintendo’s handheld platforms. Over the years many companies have brought out devices that are technically “better” than the Nintendo counterpart and all have failed. Why? No one really knows. But to try and push some of the sales PlayStation’s way, they’re pushing the hype towards the latest title: New Little King’s Story.

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MCM Expo details confirmed

So after the joys and tribulations of EuroGamer’s Expo at Earl’s Court, the weekend just gone, it’s time for the twice a year, Comic-Con to do their thing. MCM Comic Con is primarily an Expo for anime and sci-fi fans to get together and Cosplay some of the most extreme characters. When VGN attended last year, we were met with Pikachu and Tamaki Suoh to Nyan Cat and R2D2. It’s an event for people who like a host of fantasy and comic things, rather than just videogames.

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Dead or Alive 5 costume pack DLC free

Dead or Alive, a very famous videogame franchise is now offering their first costume pack off of the back of Dead or Alive 5 for free. You’ll be able to download these costumes immediately for both the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. Kokoro, who gets a new festival outfit; Zack, with a new alien costume; Helena, who reveals her swallowtail outfit; and Bayman, rocking a new beret. The master Gen Fu steps out in his new Tiger Kung Fu uniform, Christie gets even hotter in her new leather gear, Tina dons a new blue ring outfit, and the all-new character Mila takes on a little cosplay. Even the included Virtua Fighter™ characters, Akira, Sarah and Pai, see a whole new round of costume updates.

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New Super Mario Bros 2 DLC

Nintendo are truly embracing the DLC bandwagon, that I for one hate. With any luck, Nintendo do what Nintendo always have done – create quality games and then also create quality DLC, unlike many other developers out there who fix broken games with broken patches. Either way, Nintendo UK have today released a new video of a Direct Mini for the New Super Mario Bros DLC. In classic Nintendo style, the head of the company is a Mii and is talking to you.

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UK Charts Week 39

Whoops, we missed a weekly sales update. I’m sure everyone is crying and very upset! If it makes you any happier, here is the latest sales stats that we should’ve updated you all with yesterday. It looks like there’s been a few changes over the past few weeks but as usual, “real” videogames manage to get overtaken by a popular sport. Although that said, there’s been a few entries in the top 10 from nothing that are “real” videogames. Skyrim is also showing no signs of falling out of the Top 20 either…

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