The VGamingNews staff is wide and varied in their skill and gaming habits. We've got a small snippet of information about each of them below, should you be interested.

Ian – Co-Founder & Site Editor

Ian is a *age redacted* videogame player who’s been playing videogames for more than *some* years. His first console was the SEGA Mega Drive and after falling in love with Sonic The Hedgehog has never looked back. Currently he is working on rebuilding the site and collecting every PAL N64 game. Outside of games, his interests are wide ranging, but his mysterious persona means he's not at liberty to say, just remember that if he doesn’t like something – you’ll know about it!

First Console: SEGA Mega Drive
Favourite Game(s): Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon, Sonic The Hedgehog

Joe – Co-Founder & Site Editor

Joe has been playing video games since he was knee-high to a grasshopper when his mum bought him the original Game Boy for Christmas, and he was hooked from the get-go. Primarily a handheld gaming nerd, attracted by everything from Sony, Sega and of course, Nintendo, his collection is slowly taking over his home office. When he's not producing content for the site, he is busy modding and repairing broken and unloved games consoles to give them a new lease of life... or playing Tetris.

First Console: Nintendo Game Boy
Favourite Game(s): Sonic The Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles, The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

Drew – Features Editor

Drew was lured into video games by the Dizzy series on the ZX Spectrum and then further bewitched by The New Zealand Story arcade cab in the corner of the Boarhound pub while his dad played pool! As home consoles became more prevalent so did his love of gaming, and he's now been an unabashed Nintendo fan for more than half his life. Between reviewing games for VGN he likes to dabble in other artistic ventures like graphic design or fiction writing, but more often than not you'll find him stuck to his Switch and attacking his enormous games backlog!

First Console: SEGA Master System
Favourite Game(s): Final Fantasy VII, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Secret of Mana


Our Mercs are much like the A-team, we don't always know where to find them but once we don, they are on hand and ready to contribute to the site.

Current Players

Rob - casts a critical eye over everything, especially the games he likes. His opinion is always fair and balanced so if you get anything above a 5 from him, you know it's a good game.

Odi - is our PC guy and into the more obscure titles. His quirky style allows you to enjoy his reviews, even if he didn't enjoy the game. As well as this, he always manages to find redeeming features and his knowledge is second to none.

Gaz - is a straight talker when it comes to what he likes and that's what we like to read. Regardless on how he feels about a game, there is always a logic that can't be argued with. If he really likes something, then Drew will get a headache trying to make his articles fit the wordcount.

Glen - when it comes to video games, Glen has an attention to detail when he can pinpoint the exact moment that makes or breaks a game, almost down to the pixel. He regularly picks up on game features we've missed, or little extras that the developers have worked in.

Past Mercs

Drew - You might recognise him from the blurb above, but Drew is our OG merc, who was on hand and eager to go. When we decided to bring back VGN v2, he beat down the door and demanded to come with us.

Louise - Louise joined us in 2011, rounding out our VGamingNews v1 team. A valued member of the team, Lou brought the skills to cover our open-world and action RPG side of things. Although something called a 'job' has stolen Louise away from us, we still have input about our articles. Especially our Cyberpunk review, where Joe had to hide for 3 weeks because of the score.