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The Longing-ist Playthrough: Day 10 – 10/01/22 – 378 Days, 17 Hours, 57 Minutes and 4 Seconds to go…

11 January, 2022 by

My work day and more sports (in person rather than TV sports this time… Great win lads, well done!) meant that I had another short play session for Day 10, but I’m pleased that I’m sticking to my plan of at least a playing little bit every day. Day 10 was a day with plenty of progress, but not a lot of a pazazz – Monty was getting on and we were moving forwards, but updates from yesterday aren’t likely to knock your socks off. That’s alright though, as we’re still moving in the right direction 😊.

Tiring stuff that manual labour (or so I’ve heard…)
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The Longing-ist Playthrough: Day 9 – 09/01/22 – 382 Days, 21 hours, 47 Minutes and 25 Seconds to go…

10 January, 2022 by

While I was keen to bounce back after a pretty disastrous Day 8, I didn’t have much time to spend with Monty on Sunday, with my gaming backlog and TV sports already on my agenda. I kept the play time really short, but my, oh, my was it a successful little session!

I picked up with Monty having finished the first volume of Thus Spoke Zarathustra, so I now fully expected him to have a good grasp on 19th century philosophy… Since he was so poorly versed in it before… 🙄 and we set off for [The Face in the Wall] after a few toots on the old horn. (It was a six-repeater, a long three-er and another six-repeater, for anyone keeping track.) I wanted to get the questions from the Face again, so that I knew what I had to work towards, and to try and cover up the cracks in my broken journalistic ego.

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The Longing-ist Playthrough: Day 8 – 08/01/22 – 386 Days, 4 Hours, 44 Minutes and 3 Seconds to go…

9 January, 2022 by

Let me begin by saying that I was an idiot for forgetting to screenshot the new questions that Monty wanted to ask The Face on Day 7. And let me follow up by saying that I made an even bigger, and more bone-headed mistake on Day 8. One that, when you read it, will lead you to despair of me the way that I regularly despair of myself. 😅😅😅

The play session for Day 8 was a pretty short one; it was Saturday and I didn’t have a lot of time until really quite late in the evening, but I thought I’d jump on and hang out with Monty for a little while just to keep the flow going.

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The Longing-ist Playthrough: Day 7 – 07/01/22 – 387 Days, 9 Hours, 49 Minutes and 29 Seconds to go…

8 January, 2022 by

Waking up the Switch and then waking up Monty, it was time to go to work for Day 7. The agenda was pretty sparse, and I’d thought this would mostly be a mosey around to check up on the place… Since the stalactite had come down, who knows what else might have changed. I also wanted to check on the bed situation and then gather enough moss to speak to The Face about what he thinks will happen after 400 days. I’m keen to see how he thinks things are gonna go.

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The Longing-ist Playthrough: Day 6 – 06/01/22 – 388 Days, 8 Hours, 20 Minutes and 50 Seconds to go…

7 January, 2022 by

While the play session started with a pretty solid agenda, it wasn’t long until my plans were resolved and I was left scratching around for progress. I wasn’t disappointed though, as what did happen was significant indeed…

Firing up the Switch. I immediately found that Monty had entirely polished off Moby Dick, which made me feel rather inferior considering the number of times I’ve tried and failed to get to the end. Good on you though, mate – in two sittings as well. You’re a literacy machine.

Nice review, buddy – how are you at video games?
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The Longing-ist Playthrough: Day 5 – 05/01/22 – 393 Days, 9 Hours, 3 Minutes and 49 Seconds to go…

6 January, 2022 by

Day 5 started with the confirmation of something I had guessed – Monty and I don’t ‘do time’ in the same way! 😅 I fired up my Switch, a little giddy at the thought of crossing the [broken stair] but was immediately brought back to earth with a bump, seeing as the stalactite was still hanging from the ceiling. 😒 Really glad I didn’t wait around for it to fall last night – I’d have been knackered this morning!

Please don’t do that… it’s weird
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The Longing-ist Playthrough: Day 4 – 04/01/22 – 394 Days, 8 Hours, 33 Minutes and 53 Seconds to go…

5 January, 2022 by

Oh, did Day 4 have some excitement! Like, legitimate excitement. The kind that made me realise this game isn’t just going to be a slow shuffle through 2022, but an intriguing saga that will keep me gripped. At least, that’s how it feels after last night… but let me start at the beginning of my session, which was decidedly more mundane.

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The Longing-ist Playthrough: Day 3 – 03/01/2022 – 398 Days, 7 Hours, 19 Minutes and 21 Seconds to go…

4 January, 2022 by

Ugh. Yesterdays playthrough was a bit of a broken one, since I had a busy day. My girlfriend and I had a shopping trip planned, so I took my Switch with me to check in on Monty while we were on the train. (I wasn’t neglecting her for anyone wondering, she was getting stuck into Skyward Sword on her Switch Lite.) I was pretty excited because I knew the [exit of the Palace] doors would be open and I was looking forward to exploring the upper caverns.

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The Longing-ist Playthrough: Day 2 – 02/01/2022 – 398 Days 19 Hours 07 Minutes and 29 Seconds to go…

4 January, 2022 by

“I dreamed about my death. First I heard a scream, and then I fell from a great height.”

The Shade

Well, that’s certainly a point to start on. I’m suddenly rather thankful I didn’t ask him to jump down to the [crystal mine]I decided to draw another sketch before I left for the evening, and flicking through the choices with the new colours I realised that I could combine them to make different and better pictures! That’s a pretty sweet feature! The ones using black, white and red are all pretty terrifying though! I asked the Shade to draw a crescent moon in black and white and he did a good job – a perfect bad moon now hangs above the desk. Shade mentions that time moves more quickly in the presence of beautiful art, and indeed, the timer has sped up again. Time to get out of here.

You certainly know how to start the day, buddy…

Opening the menu, I ask the Shade to return to the [moss room]; I didn’t really know where to start but I know I left some unfinished business in that spiky corridor that I wanted to check out. I watched on as the Shade pottered his way through the tunnels up to the [moss room], asking him to stop and collect any loose coal on the way. Rather annoyingly, you have to tell him his destination again each time you stop, but I felt like getting a stock of coal was more important than having to keep clicking over and again. 

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The Longing-ist Playthrough: Day 1: Part 2 – 399 Days 21 Hours 59 Minutes and 43 Seconds to go…

2 January, 2022 by

Returning to the game, I found the Shade curled up on the floor asleep; he woke up and mumbled about dreaming of an endless hall with white pillars which sounds both frightening and incredible. I wandered around in the depths for a while until I came to another dead end. I could see that there was something stuck in the rock on the other side of the wall, but I can’t get to it. What is that? It looks like some kind of metal insect or something but it’s not moving. I do more backtracking and I eventually come to a tight tunnel space that the Shade had to crawl through; it opened up into a spacious cavern with some standing water in. Interesting; where will this lead to? The caves down here really are like a warren – I’m faced with two more sets of two-door-choices (I went left both times – best to stay consistent) and found myself at the top of the steep wall from earlier! Ah, so this place is a loop! Or at least, part of it is. Good to know.

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