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Posts in “The Longingist 2022”

The Longing-ist Playthrough: Day 20 – 20/01/22 – 349 Days, 8 Hours, 58 Minutes and 45 Seconds to go…

21 January, 2022 by

It’s hard to believe that in a play session that saw me start and end in the middle of nowhere, that I could have both a bitter disappointment and a huge vote of confidence. Almost all of my play time was spent walking around with Monty, but when we briefly stood still – oh boy.

All the way back there? Nah – maybe tomorrow…
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The Longing-ist Playthrough: Day 19 – 19/01/22 – 351 Days, 15 Hours, 46 Minutes and 20 Seconds to go…

20 January, 2022 by

My time beneath the mountain was limited to a short stint on my lunch break on Day 19, so I was reluctant to do anything that I might get to enthralled in. I wasn’t looking to push anything along because it would be just my luck that something interesting would happen and I’d be stuck at work unable to play any more! Instead I decided to stock the cupboards a little and wander to check a few things out – it was brief but useful.

Well, pick it up then… it won’t bite
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The Longing-ist Playthrough: Day 18 – 18/01/22 – 351 Days, 16 Hours, 26 Minutes and 19 Seconds to go…

19 January, 2022 by

After a rather uneventful Day 17, I sadly didn’t have much time to make Day 18 particularly fruitful either, though I did have an interesting thought that I put into motion. I had only the briefest of times to spend with Monty yesterday, so rather than try to cram anything especially exciting in, I used the time to get around the kingdom a little bit and lay a few foundations.

Quite the sombre scene
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The Longing-ist Playthrough: Day 17 – 17/01/22 – 353 Days, 4 Hours, 39 Minutes and 26 Seconds to go…

18 January, 2022 by

Day 17 was a quiet day, relative to some of the exciting discoveries of Days 15 and 16, but I have no doubt that more intriguing times are just on the horizon. It might be the first day since I started playing The Longing when I can honestly say that I have really very little to report. Some of that is down to my choice of agenda, but equally, I think I’m getting to a point where I’m missing something that I need in order to progress the story.

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The Longing-ist Playthrough: Day 16 – 16/01/22 – 360 Days, 1 Hour, 1 Minute and 33 Seconds to go…

17 January, 2022 by

While I had an accidentally extended session with Monty yesterday, it was today when I arguably made more progress, with an awful lot going on in just a short time. While I was keen to do more digging at home, I also wanted to start patrolling the wider kingdom in search of one more piece of wood – I wanted to get that bed finished!

I opened the Switch to find Monty sleeping in a small hole that he had carved out beneath the mushroom garden, curled up in a ball like a child. He stirred as I joined him and got to his feet, eager to begin the day together. We began by picking and replanting the two purple mushrooms that had sprung up in the garden, and then on to horn practice, as has become customary. Following his three long, six short, six higher short blasts… still going with that, huh… it was time to head out.

Isn’t he cute when he’s not declaring doom and gloom?
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The Longing-ist Playthrough: Day 15 – 15/01/22 – 361 Days, 15 Hours, 30 Minutes and 22 Seconds to go…

16 January, 2022 by

It’s starting to become clear that the ‘short sessions’ with Monty are actually becoming the norm, and that I need to be content with what time I can spend on The Longing between work, family commitments and reviews. Day 15 was a pretty comfortable one, with Monty spending most of his time at home, aside from a little stroll into the kingdom to stretch his legs.

“I see something growing on the ceiling. Maybe I will find a good spot to cultivate mushrooms down here.”

A personal mushroom garden would save a lot of walking…
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The Longing-ist Playthrough: Day 14 – 14/01/22 – 368 Days, 16 Hours, 36 Minutes and 16 Seconds to go…

15 January, 2022 by

Friday is always a bit of a whirlwind of a day, so I didn’t get a huge amount of time with Monty again, as seems to be becoming the habit lately 😅. That said, it was a short but incredibly sweet play session, especially in comparison to some of the sour notes left by experiences the past few days. I remembered something rather important that made for a very interesting session indeed, though I won’t know the payoff until tomorrow…

I opened up The Longing and was met with the sight of Monty standing with a lump of coal at his feet and seemingly no change showing to the wall of the mine. I surmised that this wasn’t an area that Monty would be able to dig through regardless of how long he spent here, and that it was simply a place that allowed us to harvest as much coal as we could be bothered to gather. I had him scoop up the coal (which turned out to be a large lump that was worth five units), and headed back to the sulphur pit to dig out another three pieces there too (giving us a total of five).

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The Longing-ist Playthrough: Day 13 – 13/01/22 – 369 Days, 16 Hours, 29 Minutes and 57 Seconds to go…

14 January, 2022 by

When will my longing end?”


From Monty’s opening words, I guessed that he hadn’t enjoyed his evening digging in the [mushroom mines] 😅. But that was an attitude for yesterday – Day 12 is in the rear view mirror and Day 13 was in front of us. After a frankly rubbish day yesterday, I was determined to make Day 13 not only more enjoyable but more productive too, and I was going to hang out with Monty until I felt I had completed something of note.

Checking in on Monty, I could see that he had indeed stopped digging only a little way into the wall, and asking him to try again gave me the dreaded ‘granite conversation’ as I had expected. The one silver lining is that we were now at six total Disappointments and we only needed one more to have enough to pay for one of The Face’s answers.

Just need one more…
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The Longing-ist Playthrough: Day 12 – 12/01/22 – 370 Days, 18 Hours, 57 Minutes and 42 Seconds to go…

13 January, 2022 by

What a roller coaster of a emotion Day 12 turned out to be! 😅 The highs peaked immediately and then lows kept on coming, and while it was a little disappointing, we did manage a bit of a longer session than the past few evenings, which was nice. I picked up my Switch, closed down Knights of the Old Republic (it’s a great game, for anyone who’s not yet played it), and loaded up The Longing to see how Monty was doing and…

“What a wonderful day…”

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The Longing-ist Playthrough: Day 11 – 11/01/22 – 374 Days, 12 Hours, 37 Minutes and 11 Seconds to go…

12 January, 2022 by

It was my third night in a row where I didn’t get to hang with Monty until really late in the evening, so Day 11 it was another especially short session. And even more so than in recent days, we didn’t have time for exploration, and didn’t offer much more than some hard labour for my shadey little friend. Sorry bud.

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