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10 Terrible Gamecube Games

7 May, 2012 - 11:01 pm by
About 4 mins to read

Yesterday, we brought you the most fondest memories from the Gamecube that everyone could reminisce and enjoy. Today we look at the underside of the Cube’s history. The pure hatred from these games can still be felt even 10 years after. Wounds may heal but the scar of a bad game will stay with you forever! Just like Superman 64. Anyway, here is our bottom ten of Gamecube games no one should ever play. EVER.

A 64DD game that was a bit like Black and White. Doshin bumbled through villages so slowly no one actually finished the game as they died trying to do anything. One of Nintendo’s worst efforts. And that doesn’t happen often.

So while we’ve added Animal Crossing to the top list, we’re adding Harvest Moon to the rubbish list. It’s not because of the terrible translations, it’s not because of the poor localisation, it’s not because of the numerous bugs that you see everywhere. It’s simply because, you die.

Agh, here’s a game that was a beast of a creature. Whilst it’s all well and good trying to cash in on children’s ignorance, it’s not really fair. Not really fair at all. Parents should be aware that a TV show to game is very rarely going to be good and the only exception to that is Harry Potter.

A First Person Shooter “Sequel” to GoldenEye. Only it’s not. The bad guy has a golden eye. That’s the connection. A lack lustre and uninspired single player mode was also coupled with a horrid multiplayer where everyone and everything spawned in the same places. This had nothing on the N64 version.

Imagine Die Hard 4.0 but in video game form. A glitchy romp through New York City with rehashed story lines and scenarios from the previous films, and to top it off – not voiced by Bruce Willis. For good reason too!

Mario Party? Most Mario Party games are great, but this one had a little extra attached. A microphone. This alone managed to make what could’ve been an intuitive and interesting game into something where you needed to whistle down the mic every few seconds. It’s not like trying to kill a Poll’s Voice in the Japanese version of Legend of Zelda, oh no. Shame really.

Whilst this was better than the evil Sonic the Hedgehog on the Xbox 360, it’s still poor. As classic Sonic fans, the best Sonic game in 3D has to be Sonic Adventure Battle 2 on the Gamecube or Sonic Generations. Everything else can be ignored and Shadow is something that needs to be exactly that – cast into the Shadows.

The Sims is an awesome game. Super awesome. On the PC. On the GameCube it lacked spirit, the ability to easily customise things and just generally fell flat of the PC game. Whilst some of the VGN staff might have hacked The Sims and made their own items and spend too many days of their lives being global overlords, it certainly wasn’t on this version of the game.

Zoo Cube was a clone of every puzzle game before it. With animals. Granted it was enjoyable for 5 minutes, and then forgotten about forever. It was like passing wind, hilarious until the stench kicks in, then the situation becomes ever more serious and not funny.

Believe it or not, there were Batman games in the previous generation of consoles. Even though it is like comparing the Dark Knight with Batman and Robin. That’s right, something that is worse than the new games in every way, the only thing that would have made it worse is if it was directed by M. Night Shyamalan. It was as repetitive as working in a call centre.

So that is our bottom 10 Gamecube games in our opinion. If you have any more to add, then by all means feel free.