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The Game Awards 2020

10 December, 2020 - 9:54 pm by
About 8 mins to read

The Game Awards 2020 is here and while things were a little different this year, there were some nice surprises to be had. Here’s all of the winners and a summary of what happened throughout the night!


  • Player’s Voice – Ghost of Tsushima
  • Best Score In Music – Final Fantasy VII Remake
  • Best Action/Adventure – The Last of Us Part II
  • Best Family Game – Animal Crossing New Horizons
  • Best Community Support – Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout
  • Best Debut Game – Phasmophobia
  • Best Esports Game -League of Legends
  • Best Esports Coach – Zonic
  • Best Esports Event – League of Legends World Championship
  • Best Esports Host – Sjokz
  • Best Esports Team – G2 Esports
  • Best Esports Athlete – Showmaker
  • Best Performance – Laura Bailey as Abby (The Last of Us Part II)
  • Best Ongoing Game – No Man’s Sky
  • Best Art Direction – Ghost of Tsushima
  • Best Action Game – Hades
  • Best VR/AR – Half-Life Alyx
  • Best Sports/Racing Game – Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1+2
  • Best Anticipated Game – Elden Ring
  • Best Narrative – The Last of Us Part II
  • Games for Impact – Tell Me Why
  • Best Multiplayer – Among US
  • Best Indie Game – Hades
  • Best Audio Design – The Last of Us Part II
  • Best RPG – Final Fantasy VII Remake
  • Best Simulation / Strategy – Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • Best Fighting Game – Mortal Kombat XI Ultimate
  • Innovation in Accessibility – The Last of Us Part II
  • Best Mobile Game – Among Us
  • Content Creator of the Year – Valkyrae
  • Game of the Year – The Last of Us Part II

Announcements (Newest first)

New Mass Effect is coming! No details, but a very nice trailer throwing back to the original trilogy!

Halo’s Master Chief is confirmed to appear in Fortnite along with Red vs Blue. Microsoft’s headline mascot joins Kratos and is available now

Cowboy monster game Evil West coming next year to PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4 & Xbox One

Fresh look at Monster Hunter Rise for Nintendo Switch. Looks incredible for a Switch game if you ask us… Nice to see the RE: Engine fully working though. Demo in January, launches in March 2021.

Elder Scrolls Online gets a new update in the form of Gates of Oblivion coming in 2021 and presumably, based on the trailer a next-gen update is also coming to consoles.

“It Takes Two” is a co-op platformer and gets a new trailer. It looks absolutely mental. Like a cross between LittleBigPlanet and Unravel. Out 26th March.

3D person shooter “Returnal” re-announced for PS5. Haven’t heard about this one since the initial reveal. Coming 19th March 2021.

Microsoft Flight Simulator coming to Xbox Series X|S in summer 2021.

Ghosts and Gobblins reboot coming to Switch 25 Feb 2021.  Capcom Arcade brings the original also in February.

Saber interactive present the Evil Dead game. Coming to Xbox SeriesX|S, PS5, Switch, PS4, Xbox One & PC.

Play as an angry bunny in 2D brawler: F.I.S.T: Forged in Shadow Torch Coming to PS5, PS4 & Steam in Spring 2021. One to keep an eye on!

Arena shooter, where you kill to regain health – Outriders from Square Enix hits Series X|S and PS5 2nd Feb.

Exploring on foot in Elite Dangerous expansion Odyssey. Brings more first person space shooting in early 2021.

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout brings us a winter wonderland for Season 3. Featuring penguin, elf, and ski costumes. Big Yeetus returns on 15th December.

Vin Diesel fights dinosaurs (because of course he does) in Ark II. Also announced is an Ark Animates series with a huge voice cast. Both coming in 2022.

New PlayStation 5 game “Season” is a beautiful, celshaded game coming soon. No real details but looks incredible.

Warframe update with Unreal Tournament weapons pack available on the Epic Store.

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury trailer reminds us that it’s still a thing. Coming February to the Nintendo Switch

The Swedish Chef is available in Overcooked All You Can Eat edition as DLC. Our Game of the year right here.

Crimson Desert is a new single player, Nordic inspired action game. Stunning looking settings, looks like a cross between Game of Thrones and Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. Lots of blood, grunting and fire mixed with puzzle solving and mythical creatures.

Rogue-lite from Sega set in the Endless universe, Endless Dungeon is coming to every platform.

Dragon Age first look from BioWare. Looks insanely stunning, no gameplay, full title, or release date just yet.

Isometric RPG game Disco Elysium The Final Cut (a free upgrade for all players) coming to PS5, PS4 & PC. Physical Collectors edition up for preorder.

Wooper event in Pokémon GO for 24 hours. Shinys have been sighted.

Doom Eternal is on sale for 66.6% off.

Annapurna interactive drops a new trailer for  Open Roads. No gameplay shown.

Warhammer gets a trailer. We missed it so will update when we take a breath!

New game from developer Striking Distance & publisher Krafton The Callisto Protocol coming 2022 to PC & consoles. The studio is aiming to create the most intense and scary survival horror game. From the trailer, we’d say they are well on their way!

Forza Horizon 4 gets a new fancy 4K trailer showcasing a Cyberpunk crossover coming tomorrow as free DLC.

Hood Outlaws & Legends from Sumo Digital And Focus comes to Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5 & PS4 10th May. Looks like a great battler focused on medieval England. Looks a little like For Honor.

Scavengers which was announced at The Game Awards 2 years ago has an update. The Beta has launched on PC right now. 50,000 spaces available.

Back 4 Blood by Turtle Rock productions (Left 4 Dead) and Warner bros bring a new Zombie co-op , first person shooter to consoles and PC. The mutated zombies are giving early Resi-Evil vibes. Comes out 22 June 2021.

Perfect Dark reboot! An “Eco Sci-Fi” First person shooter from The Initiative is in early development. Aims to address the effect effects of climate change. The disaster has already happened and corporations have stepped in to rebuild the world. Coming exclusively to Xbox Series X|S. Shame it’s not made by Rare, but looks great.

Sephiroth is coming to Smash as part of the DLC 2 pack.Features One-Wing Angel soundtrack. Available by the end of the year.

Century Age of Ashes from Playwing features dragons. Lots and lots of dragons. An airborne multiplayer battler coming to PC in 2021.

Neir Replicant 1.7″we’re not even going to” debuts. It looks like a great update on the hack and slash original. Coming 23rd April.

Shady Part of Me shadow drops on Xbox One, PS4, Switch and PC NOW!

Sea of Solitude The Directors from Quantic Dream cut coming to Switch 4th March. Built from the ground up, and apparently not a port of last year’s game, this sees you hunt down monsters across, well, the Sea of Solitude. Looks stunning, a bit too stunning.

Tchia – a cute indy game in the style of Wind Waker but inspired by Hawaii.

Devolver Digital have announced Loop Hero by Four Quarters. An overhead card game/RPG where you use your cards to rebuild your world and fight demons and monsters. Out at some point in 2021.