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VGamingBargains: PlayStation Indies Sale March 2021

8 March, 2021 - 7:49 pm by
About 8 mins to read

We make no secret of loving indie games. Some of the best experiences in video games don’t have to be an all-out blockbuster, or a 1000-hour epic RPG. They can be short and sweet games, created by a team of a handful of people. In this VGamingBargains article, we’re taking a look at those independent games that are currently on sale on the PlayStation Store.

As always, the games are split into three levels, based around their price points:

Level 1 – games in Level 1 cost between £7.50 and £10.00 and tend to be the larger titles available in our price range – they’ll take most of your budget here but offer the most full-game experience for a small amount of money

Level 2 – costing between £3.50 and £7.49, games at level 2 give you a little more flexibility on how to spend your money but might be a little shorter or perhaps a little older than games in the top level

Level 3 – rounding out the list are our cheapest games, from those that are absolutely free up to a cost of £3.49. These games tend to be made by independent developers and are often a shorter experience, but make no mistake – while they might only be a few hours long, the games in Level 3 still offer a lot of enjoyment – even better, you can mix-and-match a few for your money.


Level  Title Cost On Sale Until
Level 1  Metal Wolf Chaos £9.99 10/03/2021
My Friend Pedro £7.99 10/03/2021
Level 2 The Complex £7.49 10/03/2021
Hollow Knight £4.63 10/03/2021
Guacamelee! 2 Complete £3.79 10/03/2021
EMMA: Lost in Memories £3.24 10/03/2021
Level 3 Broforce £2.99 10/03/2021
Donut County £2.99 10/03/2021
Outlast £2.32 10/03/2021
Goat Simulator £1.99 10/03/2021

Special note: These are the sale prices for non-PS Plus members. If you have a PS Plus subscription, then some of these games could be cheaper.

Kicking off our level 1 games, we have Metal Wolf Chaos XD. Created by the Dark Souls team, FromSoftware, this third-person mech-shooter has you play as the President of the United States who has to stop a coup from his Vice President. Metal Wolf Chaos was released in Japan as an Xbox exclusive to help bolster sales of the original machine back in 2002 and after gaining a cult following, probably owing to the epic plot we’ve just outlined, it was remastered and localised for the western market in 2019. Yes, it does look a little rough around the edges but this is one silly, arcade style game that will give you some entertainment.  

Speaking of silly games, we highly recommend checking out My Friend Pedro. This strange 2D shooter has you on a murderous rampage all thanks to your friend, Pedro, who just happens to be a banana. As you progress taking out mobsters in stylish Matrix inspired ways, you’re given a rank on how you do. It’s so bonkers, we’re finding it hard to describe and do it justice.  

Headlining our recommendations for Level 2 is Team Cherry’s Hollow Knight. This is undoubtedly one of the finest 2D adventure titles we’ve played of the console generation, and with a sequel due at some point this year, there’s no better time to jump into the Gothic world of Hallownest. As Knight, you have to explore the world and stop it succumbing to ‘The Infection’. Tight platforming controls and epic boss battles pepper the land and it simply has to feature in any collection. 

If you’re looking for a more colourful 2D adventure based on the world of Mexican wrestling, look no further than Guacamelee! 2 Complete. We once again step into the role of luchador Juan although he has grown out of shape since we last saw him. He has to once again don the mask of Tostada and become the saviour of the Mexiverse. The game is more combat focused than Hollow Knight which is why we’ve chosen to include similar genres in the list.

Next up we have The Complex, a live action video game where you follow the exploits of Dr Amy Tenant as she deals with a chemical attack being carried out in London. The decisions you make not only impact on how characters form bonds with you, but it will also lead to one of eight different endings. 

Rounding out the list we have EMMA: Lost in Memories, a 2D puzzle platformer that requires strategy and cunning to navigate the world as everything you touch starts to disappear. It’s a clever platforming game that can get frustrating, however the visuals just ooze charm.  

Donut County is an absolute must buy. It’s as simple as that. You play as a hole controlled by a raccoon that has managed to confuse selling doughnuts with reallocating townsfolk involuntarily into the ever growing hole. Donut County doesn’t require much thought in how to progress but still packs in a hilarious story. The game has a brutally short playtime – only a couple of hours, but it still manages to pack in a solid plot with good character development and there are secrets to find throughout the game’s locations..  

Next we have Broforce, a run and gun game full of puns and the macho-ness of 1980s action films. You play as one of many ‘Bros’ such as; Rambro, Conan the Brobarian and Brochette. They are tasked with the liberation of the world’s countries, whether they want it or not. Expect American flags, shredding guitars and explosions galore, but despite all of the over the top action, there lies a game that’s surprisingly addictive and a joy to play.

Goat Simulator took the world by storm when it was released in 2014. The game riffs off classic skateboarding sim, combined with an over the top physics engine that comes together in a crazy sandbox experience where the aim is to cause as much destruction and mayhem as possible. Finally, if you’re looking for something a little more mature, you can’t go wrong with Outlast. This first-person horror game has you exploring an insane asylum trying to find out the secrets of a shady company that has been conducting gruesome experiments.  

If that wasn’t enough for you, we have a bonus shout out this month. The PlayStation Store is host to the “Instant Indie Collections” volumes that contain 3 games apiece. Each bundle is currently discounted by an insane amount. We could’ve made our list on these games alone, and I’ve gone on long enough already but if your budget is super tight then you can’t go wrong with one of these bundles.

Instant Indie Collection Volume 1 – £1.79 includes:

  •         Stealth Inc 2
  •         Thomas Was Alone
  •         The Swapper

Instant Indie Collection Volume 2 – £1.99

  •         The Swindle
  •         Nova-111
  •         Pumped BMX +

Instant Indie Collection Volume 3 – £1.99

  •         Action Henk
  •         Stikbold!
  •         10 Second Ninja X

Instant Indie Collection Volume 4 – £2.49

  •         Dear Esther: Landmark Edition for PS4
  •         Hue for PS4 and PS Vita
  •         The Flame in the Flood: Complete Edition for PS4

Instant Indie Collection Volume 5 – £2.19

  •         Human: Fall Flat for PS4
  •         Manual Samuel for PS4
  •         The Little Acre for PS4

The recommendations made in this article do not come from any paid promotion and are solely influenced by our enjoyment of the games highlighted and their perceived value for money. Prices accurate at the time of publication. Average play times are sourced from HowLongToBeat or our own personal experiences.