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New Video Shows Footage Of Evil Dead: The Game – Narrated By Bruce Campbell

22 April, 2022 by

Sabre Entertainment and Bruce Campbell are pulling out all of the stops to make sure Evil Dead: The Game is everything fans want from the series. In this new video, Ash himself oversees four YouTubers as they face off against his own son.

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First Look At The Kandorian Demon In Evil Dead: The Game

9 March, 2022 by

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Saber Interactive have released a new trailer for Evil Dead: The Game, showing off what it’s like to be on the bad side of Ash’s chainsaw. For most players, they’ll want to succeed and defeat the evil within their team of 4, but if you feel like causing a little mayhem, you can choose to go it alone and bring about the end of the world.

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Evil Dead The Game Gets May Release & Collector Editions

9 February, 2022 by

Evil Dead The Game has been given a May release across current and previous gen Xbox & PlayStation consoles and will pit four players against the Kandarian Demon which was first introduced in Sam Raimi’s seminal horror movie. Not only that, but we have a look at the groovy collectors editions which will also be available.

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Evil Dead: The Game Carries On Series Legacy In 2021

11 December, 2020 by

Full disclosure, this news article will be a tad biased as Joe! is a huge Evil Dead fan. Sorry about this.

Saber Interactive came out with a shocker during The Game Awards last night and announced Evil Dead: The Game starring Bruce Campbell as Ashley Williams. It is coming out in 2021 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4 & Xbox One. We have the first look trailer inside. Groovy.

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Evil Dead: The Game 8.5 21 July, 2022