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Game: “Championship Manager 1980s Legends”

Championship Manager 1980s Legends

7 April, 2011 by

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Championship Manager defiantly has love for you if you were born in the 80s. It harks back to a time in football where there were three main leagues and you could transfer a player for less that what some players in today’s game earn in a week!

The game centres on being a manager and ideally taking the team at bottom of league 3 to becoming the champions at the top of the league. To do this the manager has to train the squad he has, make transfers of players and sit through press conferences and play through the matches. It is a different take on games such as FIFA or Pro-Evo.

First job of a new manager is to pick his name, age and country. The gaffer can choose either England, Scotland, Spain or Italy. Then as a manager it’s up to him to decide what year it is, either 1980, 1983 or 1986. Each year gives you a breakdown of the season just gone and the main highlights from the footballing world and more specifically the country you’ve chosen.

It is then on to picking the team to work for and the squad to train. Bare it in mind this is the 1980s and teams like Macclesfield Town F.C are not featured! After these simple managerial choices are made then it’s into the game. Regular training sessions and knowing when to rest the players is a must to be a good manager. Fortunately Champ Manager clearly shows when a player needs to be rested and gives good options to on how to train them.

The interface of the game is purely menu based as in the PC series. They are easy to navigate and work around. Champ Manager also appeals to newcomers to the series by including options to auto pick the squad and selecting who are the best players to take corners, penalties and free kicks.

Final Verdict

Championship Manager 1980’s Legends is a good iOS game for fans of the series, with little touches to help newcomers. However the game can get quite confusing trying to remember all the menu options.