Game: “Destructopus!”


11 May, 2011 by

Our Rating

Octopi are solemn, intelligent and often found in the ocean. They are not ostentatious in anyway. The same cannot be said for Destructopus!, our hero in the new iOS game of the same name. Angered by the force of humanity, with a constant quest for oil and complete disregard for the delicate balance of nature, the one eyed cephalopod takes it upon himself to take back control.

Destructopus! is a huge Octopus who has come to rescue helpless animals from the hands of men by destroying buildings, stopping the onslaught of army helicopters, and by smooshing humans who fire rockets at him. Utilising giant claws, a huge beak and even laser beam eye powers, the aim is to destroy everything man made.

Each level has the same format, progress from left to right destroying buildings and collecting destruction orbs that determine the end of level rank. If there isn’t enough orbs, then the level will have to be repeated. The game is fun in short bursts as an iPhone app should be, however there is a feeling of repetitiveness when playing through all the levels as they are all very similar to the last.

There was a number of times when pressing the dodge button, the octopus did not react. This can be infuriating as the dodge is used to avoid on coming missiles. The slowness of the controls does at points affect the mood of the game, changing it from fun and entertaining to a frustrating experience. Granted as the game progresses there is an option to buy power ups to help Destructopus! speed through the levels, but a little tweak to fix the controls would have been much easier.

For such a tiny game it certainly has a large repertoire of extras. Power ups such as the previously mentioned laser eye and the fiery flame breath attacks all adds to the amusement, there is also an unlockable character in the form of a giant deranged looking panda. The only draw back is that these do come at an additional cost – around £0.59 for each power up! That’s the price for the game on it’s own.

What is initially paid, Destructopus! is a game that lasts for days. Yes, it is infuriating in points and paying for the upgrades does feel like you are being cheated but the game is at it’s heart, fun. That is what is important for a mobile game. It is a game that can be played in short bursts that will whittle down the hours on a train or while waiting for a friend.