Game: “New Super Mario Bros 2”

New Super Mario Bros 2 DLC

2 October, 2012 by

Nintendo are truly embracing the DLC bandwagon, that I for one hate. With any luck, Nintendo do what Nintendo always have done – create quality games and then also create quality DLC, unlike many other developers out there who fix broken games with broken patches. Either way, Nintendo UK have today released a new video of a Direct Mini for the New Super Mario Bros DLC. In classic Nintendo style, the head of the company is a Mii and is talking to you.

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New Super Mario Bros 2 to have DLC

22 June, 2012 by

With Nintendo pushing to become a more modern, ever more relevant gaming company they have finally broken their own mould in the 21st century and confirmed that a game will have downloadable content. Naturally this means that games will now be released broken, like Skyrim, but it does mean that your New Super Mario Bros 2 experience can live on for longer.

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