Game: “The Longing”

The Longing-ist Playthrough: Day 1: Part 1 – 01/01/2022 – 400 Days to go…

2 January, 2022 by

(Alright, before you start – Day 1 turned into a pretty long session of exploration and therefore a bit of a mammoth write-up! 😅 I’m hoping to limit my playtime going forward to keep things more manageable.)

Okay, so here we go! Firing up the game you get straight into it – the Mountain King cuts a pretty imposing figure, with his crown merging with the stone of the cavern ceiling and makes for a rather awesome sight. After a few emotional words about how the Shade should absolutely not leave the caves and passing comment on his loyalty, he begins his slumber to regain his strength, and the timer at the top of the screen begins to countdown.

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The Longing-ist Playthrough 2022

1 January, 2022 by

*** Looking to catch up with the adventure? ***

I’ve always been a fan of weird and wonderful gaming experiences, and when I stumbled upon The Longing whilst writing up an article last year, my interest was thoroughly piqued. I was kindly gifted an Switch eShop card for Christmas, so I finally decided to pick up this quirky title and give it a go.

For those with no background on The Longing, the premise is simple but also a little odd. You play as a Shade; a rather Gollum-looking fellow who has to wait 400 real-time days in order to awaken the sleeping mountain king. It’s part point-and-click adventure and part idle game, where everything takes an intentionally long time and there’s no definitive objective aside from wiling away time in the mountain halls until you need to wake up His Majesty. Time will pass whether you have the game running or not and you can’t manipulate the clock to speed things up. From what I understand, whole chunks of the game are entirely off-limits until certain real-life time frames pass, so this is quite literally ‘playing the long game’. Since I started on New Year’s Day 2022, I’m expecting that my playthrough will finally finish on 5th February 2023. (Sounds like good value for money to me!)

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