Bethesda Shows Skyrim DLC Ideas

10 February, 2012 - 11:10 am by
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During his keynote at the DICE 2012 games industry convention in Las Vegas, Bethesda’s creative director Todd Howard showed a sizzle-reel containing various ideas his team have put forward for the future of the game.

The ideas had come from a company-wide creative session at the end of last year called Game Jam. Howard had asked his team to go away and create ideas that could be added to Skyrim. He stressed that they were all “experiments” and added that he has “no idea if they will be released as DLC,” adding, “maybe. we don’t know”.

The ideas shown included:

Kill cams for magic
Water arrows
Giant mud crabs
Paralysis runes
Seasonal foliage
Speedy water currents
Dragon mounts
Dark dungeons
Adoption of children
Advanced home building
Epic new mounts
Fast travel portals
Kinect dragon shouts
Enhanced water visuals
Ice and fire arrows
Lycanthrope perk tree
Vampire imp minions

Here is a video displaying the above from Howard’s Keynote Speech: