Codemasters is hiring.

4 April, 2012 - 5:28 pm by
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With the decline of services in the games industry as a whole with companies such as Sega and THQ stripping back their business and even the Game Group being brought to it’s knees, one company is bucking the trend and is expanding. Codemasters have announced 100 new staff will be employed in the Midlands. 25 will go to the Birmingham office and the rest will be deployed to Warrickshire.

On the news Simon Miles, Talent Acquisition Manager, Codemasters said: “The success of our recent games and our plans for the future means that Codemasters will continue to see growth as we expand our teams here in the Midlands. The skilled talent pool in Birmingham, along with the support available for developers in the area, and across the Midlands generally has created a dynamic and creative local business community. We are looking to recruit staff from the region as well as enticing some new employees into the city as well.”

Codemasters lay this expansion to the success of the Formula One series that have been best sellers across the multiplatforms in recent times. It does come as a bitter-sweet announcement as Codemasters did close the Guildford studios last year resulting in 66 job losses. They are eligable to reapply for positions if they so wish, however Codemasters will take a look at all applicants equally.

Any signs of expansion in the current world climate is however welcome and needed. If you are interested in any jobs they have advertised, head over to the Codemasters website.