Crash Time IV – The Syndicate dated

27 February, 2012 - 9:34 pm by
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“Rule 32 – Enjoy the little things”, which as Woody Harrelson shows is often just smashing everything up. From little things to big things. With baseball bats or with cars, enjoying the little things is important. So when it comes to videogames called Crash Time IV – The Syndicate, it’s clear it’s going to be a title to be enjoyed.

Especially when it’s not just another Carmagedon, that looks bad, plays bad, but manages to hold a happy spot in my heart. It would appear that Crash Time IV – The Syndicate is going to have not only over 40 fully destructible cars, with up to 8 player online destruction but also a top notch physics engine that means driving into a wall, is just that. Unlike in some racing titles.

With a fair few cutscenes, a plot, apparently top notch graphics, five different modes of play, five different “scenarious”, eight mission types and kilometres, Crash Time 4 it set to be a racing title to pay attention to.

Crash Time IV – The Syndicate will be available on the Sony Entertainment Network, Xbox Live and Nintnedo 3DS (with reduced vehicles) from the 27 April 2012.