Daytona USA to be Re-Released

12 October, 2011 - 10:41 pm by
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Driving through the west coast of America is a dream of many and for some it’s a holiday of a lifetime. Yet, for others, this dream has been achieved without ever leaving the living room, this has been done by playing Daytona USA. SEGA have today confirmed that this arcade classic will be released, but not as a simple port.

Since it’s debut in 1993, Daytona USA has been a firm favourite of fans of the arcade racer series and thanks to its colourful tracks for drivers of all skill levels, breakneck-speed gameplay and competitive head-to-head multiplayer options. The game’s iconic soundtrack is instantly recognizable to SEGA and racing fans everywhere, and every detail of the original hit has been meticulously preserved, polished and presented for the ultimate version of Daytona USA. Yet, to make the title even more enjoyable SEGA have reworked the entire game to bring it up to a more modern standard.

Daytona USA wil be released on the Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network in the UK in late November, with a firm release date to be confirmed.