Fancy Yourself As Obi Wan?

26 January, 2012 - 8:23 pm by

Microsoft will show you what you’ll look like and curtsy of the voice of Vader himself – James Earl Jones and LucasArts this latest trailer shows the feeling of the Force when Kinect Star Wars launches on Xbox 360. Despite not showing any of the game what so ever, this is more like a TV advert than a game trailer. But head inside to see why you’ll be wanting this game.

This trailer is more about saying “you will be playing Kinect Star Wars soon” rather than, “look at what we’ve created.” At the end of the trailer is a kind reminder that there is a limited edition R2D2 console with Kinect sensor and C3PO gold controller.

Kinect Star Wars is pencilled in for an April release exclusively on the Xbox 360