Final Fantasy I, II & III Pixel Remasters Secure July Release

1 July, 2021 - 3:00 pm by
About 3 mins to read

When Square Enix announced at E3 that they are working on HD remasters of the first six Final Fantasy games, there was a short lived celebration as the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster collection was revealed to be coming to mobile systems and Steam. Today they’ve announced that the first three titles in the series will be releasing at the end of the month.

Releasing on the 28th July are the first three games in the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster. Each game has redrawn character models and backgrounds along with the usual quality of life upgrades and touch controls for the mobile versions. We’ll also see that beautiful Final Fantasy III artwork in all of it’s glory thanks to added gallery.

The improvements to Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster includes:

  • Redrawn 2D pixel character and background graphics, featuring iconic FINAL FANTASY character pixel designs created by Kazuko Shibuya, the original artist and current collaborator.
  • Beautifully rearranged soundtracks, overseen by original composer Nobuo Uematsu.
  • Improved gameplay, including controller and touch controls, modernized UI, auto-battle options, and more.
  • Dive into the world of the game with supplemental extras like the bestiary, illustration gallery, music player, and the ability to save at any time

All in all, this is shaping up to be an excellent package, and a one stop shop for all things FF, although we still have a few questions such as can we play the games with the original graphics or can we change the font as we feel the new styles don’t gel well with the old school presentation. We’ve reached out to Square and will update the post when we know more.

While we have nothing against mobile gaming, Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster only releasing on smartphones seems like a missed opportunity. Thankfully there is a Steam option and hopefully Square Enix will free the games up for consoles so those gamers who don’t have access to a PC can enjoy the remasters.

Final Fantasy I, II & III will be available on Steam, iOS and Android from 28th July, with the following three games to follow later in the year. You can buy each game individually or through one big bundle – saving around 25%. We’re hopeful that the games will see a release on more platforms going forward and we’ll let you know as soon as we know.