Funimation Brings Anime To Nintendo Switch. Coming Soon To UK. Tomorrow For USA.

15 December, 2020 - 4:11 pm by

Funimation have announced that they are bringing their anime streaming service to the Nintendo Switch from tomorrow in the USA, with an eye on the UK at some point soon. The Sony-owned anime company have apps already on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and are currently developing their app for the new generation of consoles.

It might not seem like such a big deal, however streaming apps have been rather absent on the Nintendo Switch. Outside of the USA, we’ve had YouTube and that’s it. No Netflix, no Amazon Prime and no Disney+. To see an anime streaming service is a breath of fresh air.

Funimation have added that the Switch version gives our first look at an up and coming build of the app, which will be rolled out to other devices soon. We’re also looking forward to how Sony’s purchase of streaming rival – Crunchyroll, will shape the anime streaming world going forward.

With a UK date release date on the horizon, but not dated we’ll have to look on for now. However, we’ll do some testing over the next few days and see if we can get the US app working with our UK accounts.