Gamescom 2021 Indie Booth Presents: GigaBash

28 August, 2021 - 1:00 pm by
About 1 mins to read

GigaBash from Passion Republic Games is a giant, over the top online brawler featuring mechs and monsters that have been inspired by classic films and pop culture. Due for release on PC & PS4 next year, GigaBash had a new trailer debut at gamescom this year. Let’s take a look.

Looking like a cross between Power Rangers, and my favourite Wii U launch title – Tank! Tank! Tank! this Kaiju battler has you selecting characters such as Gigaman, the middle-aged superhero; Woolley, the fluffy Yeti; Rohanna, the Monarch of Tarabak Island; or Skorak, the Great Devourer.

More characters will be announced as the team build up to launch but what we do know is that GigaBash will allow up to four players to bashing seven bells out of each other either with their fists or by throwing buildings. Each map will have unique properties and with each hero having a different play style, there is sure to be a lot of variety and fun to be had.

GigaBash is due for release on PC (links to Steam & Epic Games Store) as well as PlayStation 4 in early 2022.