GTA III 10 Year Anniversary

14 October, 2011 - 5:39 pm by
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This year marks 10th years since Grand Theft Auto III was released on the PlayStation 3 and changed everything. Aside from being critically successful, well received – becoming the best selling game in 2001, it was slammed in the media for it’s portrail of gang culture and life as a criminal. Not that Rockstar took any notice.

It was also a change in direction for the series, originally the game was a top down view with basic character sprites and box style cars. Since technology had advanced so did GTA. For the first time, a fully open 3D world was created. Liberty City had never looked better.

10 years on, that ground breaking game is getting a re-release on iOS and Android platforms later in the year. This will only be for high-end devices such as iPad, iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy Tab & the HTC Sensation. It just shows how far the tech has come in 10 years.

Rumours are also rife that Rockstar may even re-release GTA III on the PS3 in HD. These are unconfirmed so please take with a pinch of salt.