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Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar Confirmed for the UK

12 May, 2011 - 8:49 pm by
About 1 mins to read

Rising Star Games today announced that the latest Harvest Moon game will be gracing British Nintendo DS’s this year. Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar features a improved social and farming mechanics and continues in Zephyr Town where there was once a world famous bazaar. In recent years the bazaar has fallen into disrepair and only gathers a few visitors, this is until you move in.

You move in on the edge of town and with ten new characters and all new crops you can regenerate this dying town. It also features access to the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and allows you to visit friends to shop, go fishing or even help with the farming.

There’s no firm release date as of yet; however, it will be in the UK this year.