Has NGP Been Streamlined To Compete With 3DS?

27 May, 2011 - 6:17 pm by

Reports are coming in that suggests Sony’s upcoming NGP (PSP2) has had it’s insides tinkered with to keep retail costs inline with Nintendo’s 3D device. French website 01net.com has reported that the none 3G version of the Sony handheld has had it’s internal RAM cut down from 512MB to 256MB.

Further to proposed cut in RAM, the 16GB internal flash memory will be removed and instead memory cards used. This is in an effort to keep the console price under the £300 mark and to be direct competition to the 3DS. The 128MB graphics card is remaining in tact.

VGamingNews must stress that these are rumours and unconfirmed at this time, however 01net have a track record of reporting happens before they are confirmed – they were the first report on the NES HD (project café). We will know more when full details are released at E3.

Source: 01net.com