Homemade Nintendo Woolies.

18 October, 2011 - 2:58 pm by
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Soups, cakes, bread. There’s a lot of things that are better when they’re homemade. Even the old knitted blankets made by your mum who can’t wait to start knitting until you have your first born child. But home made Nintendo plushies?Yup, NerdJERK has managed to create a ton of homemade Nintendo character plushies, with felt, wool and a whole lot of nerdy, dedicated skill. Each character looks spot on and extra cute, from Kirby to Boo’s. Of course such skill doesn’t go on Nintendo alone. A whole variety of different items such as cassette tapes, a calculator with buttons for…buttons! And even Pacman badges and been masterfully created by this fan! Such adorable vision.

Source: Kotaku