Images From The Syndicate

1 November, 2011 - 11:09 pm by
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EA have released a bunch of new in-game images for the series reboot of Syndicate. Instead of an isometric action/adventure title, EA and Strabreeze Studios are bringing a mix of modern First Person Shooting into the 21st century. The game is set in 2069 and the governments are no more. Syndicates – or big companies have taken over and the world is at war with itself.

The reason being is that everyone is Chip’d. This means they are a walking computer, conducting day to day things through a digital world that is linked to the chosen Syndicate. As with all businesses, there is competition from rival companies and they will stop at nothing to gain a complete market share.

Miles Kilo is EuroCorp’s latest prototype agent and is on the frontline of war. The story will have action, corruption and violent revenge. Syndicate is schedueled for a 24th February release on Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3’s in the UK.