Mario Kart 7 Details

21 October, 2011 - 5:31 pm by
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As well as Super Mario 3D Land announcements, Nintendo have lifted the lid on a few details regarding the up and coming 3D racer – Mario Kart 7 for the Nintendo 3DS. The latest iteration of the racing series will feature the same online capabilities as the Wii version. It will also have new characters, courses and Street Pass functions.

The Wifi connection is a vital point to Mario Kart 7 as Nintendo are on the drive to prove online functionality is an important point to their games. Groups have been created so people can pick and choose who they race against. Rules and regulations have been added to create a new element of customisable races.

To race, Nintendo have built two styles of control. This first is the traditional way of driving by using the circle pad. Next, for those who used the Wii motion controls in the previous Mario Kart are able to use the 3DS’s gyroscopes to guide the karts around the courses. Also, a first person view point has been packaged to give an even wider choice to players of how to drive.

Nintendo have also built 16 completely new tracks which will have variable lengths such as the race around Wuhu Island will be one big lap as opposed to the normal 3 lap race. As is tradition with Mario Kart, it will also feature 16 classic courses from games gone by.

Finally, Nintendo have confirmed that Mario Kart 7 will have Mii’s returning to the track as well as Lakitu, ShyGuy and Metal Mario! Mario Kart 7 races onto shelves 2nd November exclusivly for the Nintendo 3DS