Mass Effect 3 leaked by Microsoft – accidentally

7 November, 2011 - 10:59 pm by
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Mass Effect, it’s a series that’s simply begging for the next instalment in the franchise. So Microsoft are very happily obliging that requirement in March, the 9 March to be exact. Yet, over the weekend a private, test version of Mass Effect 3 was downloadable and therefore playable by anyone who signed up for the new Xbox dashboard.

The content in this beta version has since been deactivated, but it would appear that there are three main modes. Action Mode, which has automated answers and is more about shooting than thinking, the Story Mode, which is all about talking and the RPG Mode which is a combination of the pair.

Naturally this was a mistake, and is being pegged down to “human error”; however, many of the elements will now be expected in the March release and Microsoft are likely to be under some pressure to perfect these modes of play.

Source: The Sixth Axis