Neon White Set For June Release On PC & Switch

10 June, 2022 - 7:08 pm by
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Annapurna Interactive have announced that Donut County developer Ben Esposito’s next game, Neon White, is set for a release in the coming weeks. The game will release on both PC and Nintendo Switch and comes with a fancy new trailer.

Ben Esposito, together with the team at Angel Matrix, Neon White is a whole new take on the first-person shooter. The new game features a a group of assassins are handpicked from Hell to sort out a demon infestation taking place in Heaven. The hitmen and women compete with other, as the one who clears out the most demons gets to live permanently in Heaven. The game is scheduled to release on 16th June.

Neon White utilises a light card-based combat system where players use cards to shoot or dispose of them to access certain powers. The system has been carefully designed around fast-paced visuals and employs parkour elements to propel the story forward. Behind the action is a story that ties all the characters together, what form that takes isn’t quite clear at the moment but at least there isn’t long to wait.

It is certainly an interesting concept and from the looks of the trailers, it looks like the game will be a hell of a lot of fun.

Neon White will launch across Nintendo Switch and PC on 16th June and pre-orders will be going live around the world shortly.