New R.A.W. Realms of Ancient War screenshots released

29 November, 2011 - 8:37 pm by
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In the ancient times there were lots of wars, wars for everything imaginable. Even England, the small country as it is, was divided up into even smaller countries and areas where people fought for supremacy and leadership. Within all of these wars was folklore, myths about magic and gods that could change the way people acted, looked and even travelled. We now understand a lot of this to be untrue, but it doesn’t stop the need for videogames about olden times. This is where R.A.W. Realms of Ancient War comes to be.

Set for release in early 2012 and available on the PlayStation Network and the Xbox Live, this hack ‘n’ slash title shows you as the Warrior, a dark Sorcerer or a Rogue master of stealth and you plunge ito a uest to save the four kingdoms.

Along your quest, the experience gained through the violent battles you will fight and the weapons and magic items you will loot on the lifeless bodies of your opponents will allow you to develop the power of your chosen character. You will learn new powers and spells ever more devastating, some of which, when mastered, will allow you to inflict tremendous damage and eradicate several dozens of enemies at onceā€¦ as they will often rally in hordes to fight you!

All the power you will be granted will not be too much to exterminate your outnumbering enemies. Thanks to your gift of incarnation, you will even be able to take direct control of the body of your most powerful foes, seeding discord and destruction right at the heart of enemy armies!

Out, early 2012.