OTXO Is The Next Release From Super Rare Originals

26 January, 2023 - 4:10 pm by
About 2 mins to read

Super Rare Games are on a mission to not just provide physical releases for digital games but also publish those indie gems we all love to play in between sessions of the AAA titles. Their next release under the publishing brand, Super Rare Originals, is OTXO, a top-down pixel shooter from developers Lateralis.

OTXO is a dark roguelite with savage gunplay and time-bending slow motion that is set for a release on Steam from 20 April 2023. Players take control over a protagonist that enters a strange mansion in search of his lost love. The violent first trailer can be found below.

The black, white and red pixel aesthetic looks incredible and as you venture deeper into the mansion, more of its secrets will be unveiled to you. OTXO will take place through eight randomly generated areas, each with various rooms to explore. Lateralis have coded over 150 hand-crafted rooms within the game to ensure that not only will each run be different from each other, but there will be a variance to each playthrough to ensure it doesn’t get stale.

Along with the randomly generated mansion comes a whole selection of unlockable weapons and over 100 acquirable abilities from the game’s enigmatic bartender. The slow-mo mechanic, known in-game as Focus, is designed to make you feel powerful and in control when dispatching enemies. However, this does come at a cost as the variety of enemy types thrown can quickly upend the combat if they aren’t dispatched quickly.

To us, OTXO looks like a cross between old-school Grand Theft Auto and Hotline Miami, all wrapped up in Mad World’s unique viseral style, none of which is a bad comparison. OTXO is due for release on Steam from 20 April 2023.