PlayStation Home Updated

3 November, 2011 - 2:06 pm by
About 1 mins to read

Sony today announced that the PlayStation Home hub on the PlayStation 3 will today undergo a complete makeover and when you turn on your console today, will look entirely different. Not forgetting the fact that there will also be some free goodies.

The redesign includes all-new exclusive gaming districts and social content themed to fit your preferences. Games, people and places are now easier to access than ever before and help form part of the biggest social casual gaming platform.

Let curiosity guide your avatar through PlayStation Home and check out four unique new districts: Action, Sportswalk, Adventure and Indie Park which are all launching with new free-to-play games and exciting interactive content. There’s something for everyone and by exploring each area players will encounter likeminded people with similar interests specific to that particular district. Meet up, chat, discuss the latest releases and launch into games you’ll both enjoy within PlayStation Home and throughout PlayStation Network .

The four new districts are Action, which is the place for action, shooter and horror games, Sportswalk, where you go for sports, Adventure, which is a jungle full of adventure themed games and Indie Park where all the indie games live.