Gotham City Imposters Release delayed to February

6 January, 2012 - 12:09 pm by
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The download-only Gotham City Imposters created by Warner Brothers has been pushed back to a February release date.

Gotham City Imposters┬áis a multiplayer team-based game that enables players to be either wannabe Batmen and Jokers formed from street gangs. The two gangs battle all over the Dark Knight’s Gotham City.

Customisable functions are available for each vigilante; each costume is modelled on the familiar Gotham characters. Homemade and modified weapons and gadgets can be used too, adding to the endless entertainment.

The first-person shooter was announced back in May 2011 for Xbox Live and the Playstation Network. Due to go live in January 2012, prospective vigilantes will now have to wait for Warner Brothers release in February 2012.