Final Fantasy XIII-2 Launch Trailer Released

31 January, 2012 - 5:41 pm by

Friday hails the release of the much anticipated Final Fantasy XIII-2. After posting a game-play trailer last week to whet your appetite, Square Enix have now released a launch trailer to keep you gagging.

Square Enix have also released details of upcoming Downloadable content. Next week, entitled ‘Lightning & Amodar’, this content will be unleashed. Players will be pit against some familiar characters in a no holds barred Coliseum Battle. For those of you strong enough to defeat them, you’ll then be able to recruit them into your party.

‘Lightning & Amodar’ will be available for Xbox 360 on 7th February via Xbox LIVE Marketplace and on 8th February for PlayStation 3 via the PlayStation Network. Final Fantasy XIII-2 is out on Friday 3rd February on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.