Malicious comes to PSN this week

7 February, 2012 - 3:21 pm by
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Malicious, an entirely original action game for the PlayStation 3 is released this week on PSN. You are a “Spirit Vessel,” called into the world by the Prophets to vanquish evil. Armed with the “Mantle of Cinders,” a cloak that can absorb power from destroyed objects as well as shift form, you wage battle with the “Malicious.”

For this title, Sony focused on creating a simple action game that users did not have to dedicate themselves to, but could enjoy in short bursts. They’ve created stages that throw players into boss battles, and have allowed them to freely choose which stage they would like to begin with.

There is no lengthy dungeon crawling in Malicious, leaving it chock-full of boss battles only! The player is thrust into a battle royale as soon as they start the stage! Every time you defeat a boss, you absorb the creature’s power and obtain a new ability. But what’s more is that you can choose whichever stage you want, in any order, giving you full control over your progress in the game.

And don’t forget the visuals. Oil painting-like colours and textures are used throughout the game and provide the player with a strong sense of fantasy, rooting them in the Malicious world.