PS2 Killzone to Make an Entrance on PSN

12 January, 2012 - 5:27 pm by
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2004 Classic shooter Killzone, developed by Guerilla Games, is to receive a release on PSN, exclusively for PS3. It has already been dismissed as a full HD remake, unlike the Silent Hill series but instead offered as part of the PS2 library.

Killzone was infamous at the time of release, Sony touted it as a rival to Halo on the Xbox. Halo was already out-selling all other games on the market and Sony was desperate to get a slice of the action. Killzone was an exclusive title under the PlayStation 2 and was the first first person shooter to get these credentials.

However, while graphically stunning for its time the game received a lukewarm reception from critics. Still, it has gone on to spawn two sequels, as well as a PSP spin-off. Last year’s Killzone 3 was a graphical masterpiece on PS3 and one of the machine’s best releases of 2011.